Oil and gas equipment testing

The company has its own testing units, unparalleled anywhere in the world in terms of its unique characteristics, which are intended for testing various media under conditions of both high and low pressures.

Relying on its long-term experience in testing of various industrial machinery and equipment, engineering technicians of "AEROGAS" LLC provides a simulation of test modes, the parameters of which are close to the real Customer parameters.

"AEROGAS" LLC has an opportunity to carry out comprehensive tests of the following oil and gas equipment at the maximum balanced terms, price and quality of services:

  • heat-exchange equipment,
  • various types compressors,
  • pumps,
  • separation equipment, including in-line separators and systems for offshore platforms and underwater use,
  • chilling equipment,
  • ejectors and ejector systems,
  • multiphase flowmeters,
  • Instrumentation on various media, etc.

In addition, the experts of "AEROGAS" are able to determine the safe operating area of certain equipment through numerical simulation of liquid and gas flows in this equipment. This makes it possible to perform calculations of equipment operation area and its critical modes with a great deal of accuracy.

When such tasks are to be solved, "AEROGAS" LLC is ready to carry out computer modeling of flows in various devices using specific software applications. The objective of such computational work is usually an issue of technical recommendations for equipment design optimization in order to achieve the desired operating parameters.