Low pressure testing unit

The testing unit is designed for the low-pressure full-scale tests of various oil and gas equipment, liquid and gas-liquid media.

The test facility allows simulation of a wide range of parameters at the inlet and outlet of equipment in such media as:

  • Water;
  • Oil;
  • Condensate;
  • Methanol etc.

Performance specifications:

  • Liquid flow rate: up to 100 m3/h
  • Pressure: 1 atm - 20 atm (if necessary, can be increased to 100 atm.)
  • Temperature: 0°C - +200°C.

The test facility schematic is shown in the Figure.


Low pressure test stand schematic.

All parameters at the inlet and outlet of the equipment under test, as well as the operating parameters of equipment are registered in a real time.

Utilized measuring instruments:

  • Gas and liquid flow meters;
  • Sensors for measuring temperature, pressure, differential pressure;
  • Chromatograph.

In terms of test completeness and measurement of all parameters the test stand can be equipped with the necessary equipment to meet all Customer requirements.

Additionally, the gas phase can be fed to the liquid to form gas-liquid flows.