Material Balances Calculations in special software

"AEROGAS" LLC offers package of services of process scheme development and calculations of material balances, flow characteristics of chemical technology processes, including:

  • calculation of technological schemes GPP and CGTP made in special software package,
  • development of technological structures of plants, industrial complexes (oil, gas condensate, hydrotreating, reforming, etc.),
  • development of technological schemes and execution of oil refining units’ projects: Calculation of technological equipment for oil refining: Distillation columns, heat exchangers, air coolers, pumps, vessel equipment, separators, safety valves, etc. Equipment choosing based on the latest catalogues, GOSTs, technical regulations, etc. is also carried out,
  • determination of optimal structures of separation units, heat transfer, evacuation,
  • calculation of product balances of factories, industrial complexes, processing plant,
  • characterization (including thermal and transport properties) of the material and heat flows of processing plants of any structure, flows between installations being a part of plants, industrial complexes,
  • thermodynamic and hydraulic calculations of processes in a columned apparatus (distillation, absorption, chemisorption) with the definition of conditions and basic design data for various types of mass-transfer apparatus,
  • thermophysical and hydraulic calculations of all types of heat exchange equipment with a necessary design parameters selection.
Calculations in analog HISIS