Oil well flowmetering system


The unit is designed for constant flow rate determination of liquid and gas produced from oil wells and for monitoring of their operation at oil fields.

The operational purpose of the unit is in continuous monitoring of the oil wells products and operating parameters. The unit is intended for the oil-gas mixtures, both with low and high gas fractions.

Unit arrangement

The unit consists of a measuring unit and a control box. The measuring unit comprises in-line separator with gas and liquid flow-meters - Venturi tubes, installed at the inlet of the in-line separator, and a mixer. If necessary, the unit can be additionally equipped with a hygrometer for determination of water quantity in the oil. The measuring unit is frame-mounted. There is a control box with heating system in the unit. The unit is absolutely autonomous.

Operating concept

Oil well flowmetering system is installed in the bypass to the existing gathering pipeline. Well production from the unit's inlet is fed to the in-line separator of AEROGAS. The gas is separated from the liquid in the in-line separator. The separated gas passes through the gas flow meter. The separated liquid, after passing the flow-meter and the flow regulator, is mixed with a gas in a mixer.

The flow regulator is directly coupled to the float gauge, which ensures the constant speed of liquid flow through the flow-meter and hydrometer.

During the preventive maintenance work the unit can operates through the bypass line (bypass), and the well production is not measured.