CFX simulation

CFX simulation

"AEROGAS" LLC is an expert in the field of modern computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software tools and processes. The company is the author of several unique computational fluid dynamics programs, targeting the problems of a real gas, multiphase flows with condensation and liquid evaporation.

Numerical methods of multiphase gas dynamics we have developed are currently the best available solution for the simulation of two-phase flows in the process of natural gas conditioning. Our methods of computational fluid dynamics and processing simulation tools are widely used for:

  • gas processing equipment de-bottlenecking,
  • evaluation and optimization of equipment design,
  • CGTP troubleshooting.

Use in practice

"AEROGAS" LLC provides expert advice in computational gas dynamics at design and operation stages of oil and gas processing plants.

The combination of multiphase flow simulation and flow conditions simulation at the designing stage improves our Customer’s equipment efficiency without full-scale trials and therefore reduces costs and development time. "AEROGAS" LLC offers customized solutions and the following services:

  • structural optimization of technological equipment,
  • simulation and testing of process equipment, pipes and fittings’ operation parameters:
    • internal and external parts of separator,
    • contactors,
    • heat Exchangers,
    • pumps,
    • expanders,
    • throttle valves,
    • stoves,
    • production tubing,/li>
  • troubleshooting,
  • pilot testing and experimental verification, etc.
  • project management.


The main value of our services and business opportunities for our Customers:

  1. Increase in process equipment efficiency.
  2. On-time and cost-effective product development.
  3. Oil and gas production optimization.
  4. Decrease of risk of inefficient processing plants.

"AEROGAS" LLC expands the boundaries of numerical flow simulation in the process of oil and gas processing through the continuous improvement of our computational fluid dynamics programs. It enables the simulation of realistic more complex two-phase flow processes inside the processing facilities and associated equipment, such as turbo-expanders, gas-liquid separators, two-phase pumps, etc. Therefore, we can help in solving workplace issues in the most economical way.

Service experience

"AEROGAS" LLC has a wide experience in the area of two-phase flow simulation during natural gas treatment process gained over seven years of in-line separators and jet pump systems’ development. "AEROGAS" LLC applies skills in flow analysis in the following projects:

  • modeling and optimization of in-line separation,
  • modeling and optimization of ejector systems,
  • modeling and optimization of gas-liquid separators,
  • modeling and optimization of multi-cyclone separator to determine the separation efficiency,
  • modeling of Venturi tubes limiting the mass flow rate, for the purpose of determining of the critical mass of flow and pressure loss in the normal operating mode and in emergency mode,
  • modeling of centrifugal-type compressor to determine the flow capacity,
  • modeling and optimization of new construction of condensing unit,
  • modeling of distribution of particles in a gas pipeline,
  • modeling of vortex sympathetic vibrations at offshore facilities and marine riser systems.

Through partnerships with leading software vendors, "AEROGAS" LLC can offer integrated and cost-effective services for a wide range of flow problems in the industry.

CFX моделирование