About us

"AEROGAS" is full-cycle engineering company specialized in implementation of innovative engineering solutions for the oil and gas industry. The company was founded in 1992 and named ZAO Firm AEROGAS by the incumbent scientists of Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) and by alumni of the famous Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). This allowed the Company to become a successor of unique experience gained by TsAGI researchers, and to get together a team of competent specialists, who are able to create and implement innovative solutions for gas treatment and gas processing, the efficiency of which was tested at a specially designed testing units under conditions closed to real.

CEO of the Company is the Head of “Gas Fundamentals" MIPT Department, established in 1998 on the basis of RAS Oil and Gas Institute of Russian Academy of Science and Gazprom VNIIGAZ. A team of alumni and post-graduate students is actively involved in the implementation of innovative solutions and R&D.
Over the years the team has been developed technologies for the gas treatment and processing, and effective gas using, such as:

  • In-line separation and ejection;
  • Smart manifold center for increasing of low pressure gas and gascondensate wells debit;
  • Oil wells accurate flowrate measuring system for precise measurement of crude oil with high gas factor;
  • Turbogenerator for electropower generation using pressure drop at remote gas and gas condensate wells, etc..

The solutions developed by AEROGAS LLC are based on the use of unique in-line separators and ejectors, the mass-dimensions of which are much smaller than the classical ones. Optionally (when it is economically reasonable), such ejector-separation blocks are supplemented by smart system of automatically variable geometry of in-line elements, according to the changing external parameters of operating environment. Well-placed unique devices allow AEROGAS LLC significantly increase the effectiveness of both existing and newly designed complex gas treatment units with relatively low CAPEX and practically zero OPEX. The owning cost of the units developed by AEROGAS LLC is much lower compared to traditional technological solutions. Thanks to "AEROGAS" LLC solutions it possible to:

  • extend the lifespan of low pressure gas, gas condensate and watered wells to 2 years without the use of compressor;
  • increase the pipeline throughput by 30-40% without the use of compressor;
  • prevent the carryover of dropping liquid from the top of columns and separators using compact ejector-separation system without additional foundation;
  • release compressor capacities of 20 MW per hour, depending on pressures at UGSF (underground gas storage facilities);
  • dispose of up to 100% flare gases.

The clients of AEROGAS LLC are enterprises of Rosneft and NOVATEK, as well as private oil companies Volgagaz, Purneft and others.