Laboratory test

During the equipment prototypes’ testing, the Company carries a full range of services in measuring and analysis of operating environment parameters and sampling.

In order to conduct a competent test and provide recommendations, "AEROGAS" LLC has certified laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for measuring the following parameters:

  • Gas and liquid flow metering: test circuits configuration provides a measurement of the flow of medium;
  • Pressure, differential pressure and temperature measurement;
  • The chromatographic analysis of gas mixtures: a high-precision analyzer, designed for a precise analysis of natural gas component composition, for determination of its higher and lower heating value, relative and absolute density, Wobbe index (GOST 23781-87 "Combustible natural gases. Chromatographic method for determination of compositional analysis", GOST 22667-82 "Combustible natural gases. Calculation method for determination of calorific value, specific gravity and Wobbe index") is used;
  • Determination of water and hydrocarbon dew point of gas.

Material and technical base of the laboratory is continuously expanding. Optionally, laboratory staff undertakes a complete investigation, including sampling followed by measurement and analysis of samples of tested equipment operation environment.